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"Laura Barnes has an innate ability to establish rapport with patients that enables them to overcome challenges.  Her incorporation of biofeedback in to the therapeutic clinical relationship helps patients understand how their mental health impacts their physical health.  I wholeheartedly recommend her services to anyone."

-Dr. Meredith Brooks, MD, MPH

Pain Management Physician

Cook Children's Medical Center

In 2016, I was recruited to work at one of only 11 pain management facilities in the United States for Pediatrics, Cook Children's Medical Center in Fort Worth, Texas.  I worked with Cook Children's Pain Management patients and their family members for over 2 years. At this hospital, I provided direct care services to patients and family members through individual therapy and biofeedback (psychophysiology) sessions and family therapy sessions.  I also provided biofeedback training, relaxation therapies, cognitive behavioral therapy, psycho-educational sessions and family therapy. 

I worked as a member of an inter-disciplinarian treatment team by participating in planning, implementation, and evaluation of pain management practices for patients.

I continue to work with people who suffer from chronic pain.  Taking a psychophysiological approach to reducing symptoms associated with chronic pain allows clients to manage pain without it managing them. Biofeedback and therapy aren't considered "treatment" but more of a training to assist with being in charge of your life.  Please call me to discuss this further and allow me to help you gather tools to help you live your best life again! 

Image by Raphael Lovaski
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