Image by Ehimetalor Akhere Unuabona

Mental Health Accountability Group

EST February 2020

Laura Barnes, Founder

Laura Barnes saw a need for a creation of safe spaces for BIPOC community members seeking therapy.  As this need continued to be more and more apparent, she decided to create a mental health accountability group.

This group is aimed to intersect mental health with anti-racism efforts to decolonize our approach to therapies. I am a learner in this space with a passion for its importance, but I do not claim to be an expert. I believe the best way to learn/unlearn is to invite BIPOC leaders and experts in this field to share with us what they know. I commit to paying these experts directly or donating to anti-racist organizations in lieu of a fee. I believe our responsibility as clinicians is to put what we learn into action including dismantling what needs to be unlearned. This group was formed in efforts to demonstrate as a strategic ally, and I am asking those mental health clinicians who are interested to join us!

Topics Explored:

  • White Privilege in Therapy

  • Traumatic impacts of social media on the African American community.

  • The Multicultural Project: Troubling Theory and Application in Mental Health Practice

  • Mental Health Stigmas in Communities of Color

  • Tending Racial Trauma During Crisis

  • Identifying “8 ways therapists can perpetuate white supremacy”

  • Anti-racist coaching

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